AIC Response to Governor Daniels Local Government Modernization Recommendations

The following is a statement from AIC Executive Director David Bottorff Today the Governor endorsed most of the Shepard-Kernan recommendations.  The Association of Indiana Counties also supports most of the recommendations. There are two areas in particular with which we continue to have concerns. One is the proposal that every county should elect a single county executive. Second is the Governor’s support to eliminate the following elected positions: treasurer, recorder, surveyor, coroner and assessor.  The Governor believes the duties of these offices could be handled by people who are appointed by the single elected county executive. A few proposals for which the Governor disagreed with the Shepard-Kernan recommendations were regarding the offices of sheriff, auditor and clerk of the court.  The Governor recommends that these offices remain elected.  The Association of Indiana Counties recognizes that some county commissioners may want to move to a single elected executive position but the three member commission form of government offers advantages as well.  The three member commission requires consensus building, allows for more citizen input and saves money in many counties.  We think allowing for the Commissioners to put this issue on the ballot in their counties is the best compromise and form of local control. 

The Constitutional Offices require a balance of power between the state and local voters by allowing voters to choose who will administer state laws and regulations in their county.  These offices should remain elected for greater accountability.

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