Indiana County Government: There When You Need It

Indiana County Government is going on the offensive in anticipation of the possibility that the Indiana General Assembly might consider legislation to do away with many county elected offices. The Association of Indiana Counties (AIC) Executive Director David Bottorff says no state officials have endorsed such a plan, but it was a recommendation in the Shepard-Kernan report on local government modernization. The Commission was created by Governor Daniels last summer after property taxes in some communities saw big increases. Bottorff says it’s important to note that no data has been provided that would point to increased efficiencies with the elimination of elected officeholders, who are accountable to the public. He also points out that county government, on average, only accounts for about 20-percent of property taxes. Bottorff says that in many cases, appointed officials demand higher salaries than elected officials. For more information, log onto

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AIC Launches Statewide Radio Advertising Campaign January 26, 2009

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Report: Local Government More Efficient

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