Organization Day - Tuesday November 17

As we enter Organization Day, property tax issues continue to dominate the legislature's agenda.  Three suggestions that sound great; tax caps, assessment caps and expanding the homestead to include luxury items, are great for a few taxpayers, but for the majority of property owners or local income tax payers they create an increased burden.   

Government Efficiency The Case for Local Control

A study conducted on behalf of the Association of Towns of the State of New York is an interesting read on the "bigger is better" theory.  The report speaks to the dilution of democracy and how the winner of the "economies of scale" may be special interest groups like unions or business organizations.  The report is attached.


Welcome to the AIC's blog.  We decided to start this blog to make sure the positive aspects of county government were discussed.  There are plenty of blogs that seek to tear down local government and critize elected officials, be they federal, state or local.  This blog will advocate for local government and keep you updated on discussions about local government modernization.  County government officials have been some of the strongest advocates for government modernization in recent years.  Examples include amending the State Constitution to

Voters decisions are a mixed bag on township assessors and new construction

Voters decided to eliminate 30 township assessors and keep 13.  All of the townships in the Marion County area were eliminated while voters in many of the northern counties voted to keep them.

Mandate for the Governor? Apparently it's Debateable

The South Bend Tribune does not think so.  Their editorial today click here urges the General Assembly to act with some independence.  The South Bend Tribune says,

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