Allen County: Enhancing Services with Social Media

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Allen County Government is on the forefront of Indiana local governments that are effectively using social media tools to enhance the services they offer citizens. Allen County Recorder John McGauley is not the only government official in his county to use these tools. He does, however, have an interesting perspective because of his background as a journalist.

Public Servants Improving Customer Service

Indiana Attorney General Joins Indiana County Recorders to Fight Property Fraud

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The Indiana Attorney General has joined the Indiana Recorders' Association to alert homeowners about a potential scam that could force them out of their homes. Attorney General Greg Zoeller says some Indiana citizens have fallen victim to property fraud. In most cases, it involves homes that no longer carry a mortgage. Zoeller says the perpetrators will file a deed for property that belongs to someone else.

Testimony on SB 452

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Action on Kernan-Shepard

Association of Indiana Counties Radio Ad - Version 2

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Association of Indiana Counties Radio Ad - Version 1

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AIC Response to Governor Daniels Local Government Modernization Recommendations

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The following is a statement from AIC Executive Director David Bottorff Today the Governor endorsed most of the Shepard-Kernan recommendations.  The Association of Indiana Counties also supports most of the recommendations. <

AIC Members Testify in Committee on Road Funding

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(October 23) - AIC Members testified this morning before the Commission on State and Financing Policy. Thank you to all the members who testified and/or came to show concern about long term solutions for road funding. We had several members who testified. All of the audio/video will be available via the state's website.

Indiana County Government: There When You Need It

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Indiana County Government is going on the offensive in anticipation of the possibility that the Indiana General Assembly might consider legislation to do away with many county elected offices. The Association of Indiana Counties (AIC) Executive Director David Bottorff says no state officials have endorsed such a plan, but it was a recommendation in the Shepard-Kernan report on local government modernization.

Indiana Counties Offer Citizens Significant Savings Through Drug Card Program

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Indiana Citizens have now saved more than 10 Million Dollars thanks to Indiana counties that have signed on to a free program offered by the National Association of Counties (NACo). The NACo Prescription Drug Discount Card Program sounds too good to be true, but NACo's Membership Marketing Director Andrew Goldschmidt says neither counties nor NACo make any money from the program. More than a thousand counties nationwide are participating which is about a third of the nation's counties.

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