Mandate for the Governor? Apparently it's Debateable

The South Bend Tribune does not think so.  Their editorial today click here urges the General Assembly to act with some independence.  The South Bend Tribune says,

" The best indicator that the numbers in the governor's race should not be taken as a green light for unrestrained change is the outcome of General Assembly races. There, the composition of the House, with the Democrats retaining control after several very close races, certainly is no mandate for moving ahead with continued privatization of state assets, reductions in Medicaid funding to hospitals that care for the indigent and tax reform that treats all counties the same regardless of their widely varying circumstances."

However, the Indianapolis Star says "Voters in Indiana sent a clear message to the General Assembly and the governor: We want dramatic changes in how local governments operate. Marion County residents voted to eliminate all of the remaining township assessors. Voters in Hamilton, Hendricks and Johnson counties took the same step. Lawmakers should accept those moves as a strong indication that Hoosiers want to move forward aggressively on streamlining local government, including the elimination of township government in its entirety."

Click here  for the full Star editoral.