Testimony on SB 452

Action on Kernan-Shepard

The major event this past week occurred on Tuesday March 10, in the House Government and Regulatory Reform Committee. A hearing to discuss and consider all the elements of the Kernan-Shepard report was scheduled Monday afternoon with the Kernan-Shepard Election Provisions bill (SB 452) used as the vehicle for the discussion.

The hearing began with an attempt to roll all of the Kernan-Shepard proposals as they were originally introduced. Those bills are SB 348 (Libraries), SB 506 (Counties), SB 512 (Townships), and SB 521 (Schools). The vote on this amendment to SB 452 failed to pass with a tie vote of 6-6 with most Republicans voting no and most Democrats voting yes. The committee then heard testimony for about 3 hours, including excellent testimony from county officials. A second attempt was made to roll all the bills into one, this time successfully on a vote of 7-5 with bi-partisan support. The committee then voted on the amended bill itself. At this point most of the Democrats voted no and all but one of the Republicans left the committee meeting without voting. The bill failed with one yes vote and seven no votes. Click below to hear testimony from the following County Officials.